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Campaign Calling on the City of Milwaukee to Replace We Energies with a Municipally Owned and Operated Utility

It’s Time For Milwaukee To Replace We Energies:

Do you think that We Energies really serves our city well? A little-known law will allow Milwaukee to get rid of We Energies and replace it with a utility that we, the folks who use it, own. That kind of change could lower your monthly bill, build community control of energy resources, and impact how much time you spend without power each year.

The challenges of the world we live in today demand bold action. Milwaukee faces increased economic hardship, the impact of ongoing climate change, and limited community control of public utilities due to the power that We Energies holds in our city—power that should instead reside with the people who live here.

The Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and their allies are calling for public ownership of public utilities. Join us in the demand that the City of Milwaukee use Chapter 197 of the Wisconsin State Statutes to replace We Energies with a municipal or cooperative utility.

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About Us:

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is a large-tent organization of local working-class citizens, activists, and organizers demanding a society where all participate as equals and are respected for their worth as human beings. Milwaukee DSA is a political and activist organization, not a party.


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